Scaffolding is a temporary platform made of wood, metal or poles and pipes to act as a support for the construction workers who are working at heights. The purpose of a properly constructed scaffold is to bear the weight of the workers and the tools and give them safety access at the elevated heights of different construction projects. They are strong and stable and support the construction workers throughout the process. For proper and reliable scaffolding services in Canterbury, contact trusted companies who provide scaffolding services. 

Here are a few common scaffold types used in different construction projects. 

What are the different types of scaffolding used in construction projects?

Single and double scaffolding

This type of scaffolding stands parallel to the wall’s structure using vertical support structures. This is the most common type of scaffolding technique used in construction sites. Especially in the case of brick masonry, single scaffolding is a common sight. On the contrary, double scaffoldings are used for the stone masonry constructions. Construction of stone walls is challenging; hence, with the help of double scaffolding, a more stable structure can be constructed. 

Suspended scaffolding

In the case of the construction of a high-rise building, suspended scaffoldings are used. This is a type of electronic system that allows the raising and lowering of the platforms as required. This makes the working process of the construction workers easier. They can change the height of the scaffold as per the storeys. Professional building painters and repair experts of commercial skyscrapers prefer working on suspended scaffolds. 

Cantilever scaffolding

Popularly known as needle scaffolding, this type of scaffolding has a separate structure built from an angle. This type of scaffold is generally located near the balconies for easy access to the workers. If the construction project is being done in a narrow lane or a crowded area, then using cantilever scaffolding is best. 

Steel scaffolding 

Steel scaffoldings are simple to construct and dismantle. So many construction project companies prefer using steel scaffolds. It helps to avoid complex installation and dismantling processes. Since these scaffolds are made of steel, they are sturdy, durable, weather-resistant and fire-resistant. 

Wood and bamboo scaffolding 

Wood and bamboo scaffolding is also very common and flexible. It is majorly used by construction companies that have an eco eco-friendly approach towards the construction process. However, professional and experienced technicians are required to construct bamboo scaffolds, as the construction process is challenging.

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