Terms and Conditions


Section 1. Hire, Dismantal and Payment

  • Our scaffold will remain in place until we have written notification from the hirer to dismantle, regardless of the contract period. Hire will continue until we receive written instruction to remove.
  • Any scaffold in place after the initial period of hire will be charged at the extra hire charge rate stated within the quotation.
  • Payment is due upon completion of the erection of the scaffold and will be invoiced as such unless agreed in advance in writing.
  • We will not remove any scaffolding until we have received settlement of the account in full.


Section 2. Permissions and Disclaimers

  • You are responsible for obtaining all the necessary permissions to allow us to erect off or over any property including the relevant adjoining property or properties.
  • Adequate foundations are to be provided by yourselves, forming a firm and level base for the scaffolding. Please note the structure will be supported by standards founded off a base plate and/or where required a timber soleplate. We cannot be held responsible for damage to any surface which requires a scaffold to be placed upon it as every possible care will be taken.
  • Your good selves are required to arrange all necessary pavement licences, lighting, hoarding, suspension of parking and/or any other dispensations as required and pay any fees arising from the same, at no cost to ourselves.
  • A copy of the relevant certificates must be forwarded to us before works can start.


Section 3. Agreements and Contracts

  • Where design drawings are required for any scaffold you are responsible for obtaining them. This can be arranged for you but under the strict agreement that we cannot ever be held responsible for them in any way including any delays.
  • Any contract given with a timescale is agreed with both parties as a GUIDE only.
  • We will always do everything in our power to make sure that works are done as requested by the client but due to situations that can arise that are often out of our control this is not always possible.
  • You agree that you will not try to claim reimbursement of any kind for delays with the scaffold.


Section 4. Notice and Responsibility

  • We require 48 hours notice to carry out adaptions or dismantling. There will be an extra charge for anything not listed on your quotation.
  • Once scaffold has been erected, responsibility for the scaffold and the material value is with the client. Should any theft of the scaffold take place the client is responsible for reimbursing Island Scaffolding Ltd for the full value of all material erected.
  • It is entirely the responsibility of the client to check the scaffold thoroughly every day and report any changes.
  • You agree that you will not allow any adaptions by yourselves or any third party to the scaffold and if any adaptions are found they must be reported to us immediately.


Section 5. Side Notes

  • Please note that the scaffold affects satellite dishes, unfortunately this is inevitable and we cannot be held responsible for the lack of signal.
  • Although we will take every possible care, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused whilst carrying out the required works.
  • We are often required to place scaffold over or on fragile roof areas and although every care is always taken we cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur in this situation.
  • Please make sure that the area in which the scaffold is to be placed is cleared of all garden furniture, flower pots, statues, vehicles, etc. before works commence.